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​Line Dance 4 Life

This Week

Weekly dance lists may vary between locations, and are subject to change without notice.  Dances are generally listed "newest first."  To help you prepare, practice and review, most dances link to stepsheets and demo videos at Copperknob. This week's new teach is in red. (Nothing in red?  Must be a pure review week.  Enjoy!)

Want us to consider teaching a specific dance?  Use the Contact Us  page and tell us which dance you would like us to teach.

​Dance Lists updated 7/22/2024.  Subject to change without notice πŸ˜Žβ€‹


Fun (Beginner) Hour 

Full Teaches in red. Reviews near the top, down to "no review" at the bottom.

  1. True Friendship

  2. The Last Shanty

  3. Operator Operator

  4. Contra Chihuahua

  5. L B Groove

  6. A Bar Song

  7. I'll Be Thinking Of You

  8. Country As Can Be

  9. Every Move You Make

  10. Homecoming

  11. Take Me To Tennessee​

  12. Tippin' It Up

  13. That'll Be The Day

  14. Let's Have Some Fun

  15. Red Solo Cup

  16. Dance Around The Fire

  17. Always Will

  18. Sexy Lady​

  19. I Still Fall For You​

  20. I Ain't Misbehavin'

  21. Outta My Mind

  22. 1159

  23. Coffee Days and Whiskey Nights

  24. That Honky Tonk Highway

  25. Lucky Lips

  26. Take Me Home

  27. Dance With Everybody​​​​

  28. Miss Congeniality​​​​​​

Growth (Improver) Hour 

Full Teaches in red at the top.  Down to no-review "Extras" at the bottom.

  1. Marakaibo

  2. Get On Your Feet

  3. Johnnie Walker Blues

  4. Sugar & Spice

  5. Lay Low

  6. Trouble With Treble​​

​"A" List

  1. Cross My Heart

  2. A Wee Bit Lost

  3. Wonderland Waltz

  4. Big Al Boogie​

  5. Mama And Me (Friday Only)​

​"B" List

  1. Bringing It Back

  2. A New Moon

  3. Ex's and Oh's

  4. Crowded Mind

  5. Give Me Your Tempo​​


  1. Champagne Promise

  2. American Kids

  3. Lonely Drum​​​​​

  4. Every Little Thing​​​



Challenge (Intermediate/Advanced)


  1. I Showed You The Door

  2. Return To Love

  3. Marakaibo

  4. Do It With Passion

  5. Fixing Me

  6. Men On A Mission

No Review (Opening and closing dancesn

  1. In Walked You

  2. Straight Line

  3. Breathe

  4. Gave Me A Girl

  5. Washed Up In Austin​

  6. ​Around The Fire

  7. Our Own Party

  8. ​Self Love

  9. Ghosted

  10. Wild World

  11. Faded Dreams​​​

  12. If You Believe

  13. 3 Tequila Floor

  14. Show Me

  15. ​​Devil In A Dress

  16. Never Gonna Not Dance​​
  17. 1+1​​​​​​​​​