This Week

Weekly dance lists may vary between locations, and are subject to change without notice.  Dances are generally listed "newest first."  To help you prepare, practice and review, most dances link to stepsheets and demo videos at Copperknob. This week's new teach is in red. (Nothing in red?  Must be a pure review week.  Enjoy!)

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​Dance Lists updated 11/30/2023.  Subject to change without notice πŸ˜Žβ€‹

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​Line Dance 4 Life


Fun (Beginner) Hour 

Full Teaches in red. Reviews near the top, down to "no review" at the bottom.

  1. I Still Fall For You

  2. Good At Being Bad

  3. Little Heartbreak

  4. Raised Up High

  5. Who Needs To Know

  6. Wait A Minute Mr Postman

  7. I Ain't Misbehavin'

  8. Outta My Mind

  9. 1159

  10. Funky Shuffle

  11. Coffee Days and Whiskey Nights

  12. Rainy Day People

  13. Gloria AB

  14. We Never Knew Love

  15. That Honky Tonk Highway

  16. Concrete And Country

  17. Glass Of Wine

  18. Lucky Lips

  19. Take Me Home

  20. Dance With Everybody​​​​

  21. Miss Congeniality​​

  22. White Summer Dress​​​​

Growth (Improver) Hour 

Full Teaches in red at the top.  Down to "no review" at the bottom.

  1. Big Al Boogie (No Stepsheet yet)

  2. Do A Little Life

  3. Steamboat Queen

  4. Dear Future Husband (new at Dublin)

  5. Here We Go (Review)

  6. Tucson Too Late

"A" List

  1. Drinkaby

  2. Whiskey On The Shelf
  3. Big Spender (Tuesday Only)
  4. Mama And Me (Friday Only)
  5. Take Me To The River - Easy
  6. Island Moon

​"B" List

  1. Crowded Mind

  2. Your Heaven

  3. Country Nights​

  4. Give Me Your Tempo

  5. Heaven's Jukebox​​


  1. ​Storm And Stone

  2. Champagne Promise

  3. American Kids

  4. Lonely Drum​​​​​

  5. Every Little Thing​​​



Challenge (Intermediate/Advanced)


  1. Wonderland Waltz

  2. Self Love

  3. Ghosted

  4. Wild World

  5. Faded Dreams

  6. Growing Older

  7. The Last Hurrah

  8. Love Love​

No Review (Opening and closing dances)​

  1. Girl Crush

  2. If You Believe

  3. 3 Tequila Floor

  4. Show Me

  5. ​​Devil In A Dress

  6. Everyone Needs A Hero

  7. Crystal Cha

  8. Vulnerable

  9. Never Gonna Not Dance
  10. 6's to 9's

  11. Sharks

  12. Another One Bites The Dust

  13. Dim The Lights

  14. Crazy In Line

  15. 'Til You Can't​​​​​​​​​​​