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​Line Dance 4 Life

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What shoes should I wear? Dance shoes are ideal, but most any smooth soled shoes should do.  Avoid sneakers if you can!  You should be able to slide and pivot to avoid strain on knees, ankles and hips while dancing.  You can also wear Dance Socks or similar product over rubber-soled or sneakers.
  • What if I've never danced before? No problem.  Come to one of our Beginner hours to ease in gently.  We were all beginners once!
  • I would like to practice at home.  Where can I find Step Sheets for your dances? Visit the Copperknobwebsite for access to over 89,000 choreographed line dances.  Plus our weekly Dance List has links to the Step Sheets for all our current dances.

  • ​Speaking of practicing at home, we hear you have a dance floor in your basement! Guilty as charged.  We installed 3' x 3' sections of simulated Oak dance floor from SnapLock Dance Floors.  Each 3' x 3' section weighs about 18 pounds, and easily snaps together to form a great practice surface.
  • What kind of dances do you teach?  We seldom teach so-called "party" line dances.  Instead, we select dances which are popular among line dancers around the U.S. and world, according to the World Line Dance Newsletter and the Copperknob Most Popular.   We also work hard to select Beginner dances that help gently build your line dance vocabulary and skills so that you can learn new dances more quickly and easily.
  • Is this "country" line dancing?  Yes and no!  Line dancing originally had folk and country roots.  However, it now includes all types of music, among them country, soul, pop, swing, hip-hop, rock, latin, and everything in between. Pick a music genre, and there are line dances written for it!
  • 10 facts you didn't know about Line Dancing? The folks at Linedancer Magazine posted an interesting video we thought you might enjoy.  Check it out at:
  • What are some health benefits of dancing?We're always on the lookout for information regarding the health benefits of dance.  We ran across this information at the Rice University website: