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​Line Dance 4 Life

About Us

Lynne and David created Line Dance 4 Life to reflect their commitment to life-long fitness.  We teach at a growing number of line dance classes and community events throughout Central Ohio.

Lynne began teaching line dance classes several years ago, after a long public school teaching career.

David joined Lynne after a military career and nearly 20 years of both commercial and public school teaching.

At Line Dance 4 Life, we firmly believe that fitness and fun go hand in hand.  Our classes are filled with smiles, laughter, and the joy of mastering movement to music, regardless of whether you are a Beginner, Improver, Intermediate or Advanced line dance enthusiast.

We select dances to represent a cross-section of music styles, including Country, Pop, Jazz, Big Band, Classics, Rhythm & Blues, and even the occasional Hip-Hop tune. The weekly list always includes some of the most popular dances on the Planet (really!), as drawn from the World Line Dance Newsletter.

​Lynne and David are both trained by the National Teachers Association for Country Western Dance (NTA). (For more information about NTA accreditation, click here.)