June 2017 Update - $17,776
Thanks to holiday donations from friends, family and our Line Dance 4 Life dancers, our campaign total is now $17,776 after 20 months of gentle fundraising and just four events in four US States.  For 2017, we've added an event in Detroit, Michigan.  And in 2018, we'll be the event charity for the Ft. Wayne Dance For All!

​Upcoming Events

How To Donate

  • ONLINE:  If you are ready to donate to our on-going campaign, here is the web link:  DONATE ONLINE.  If your donation is linked to a specific event or instructor, please mention it in the COMMENT block.  
  • BY MAIL:  Make your check out to "Nationwide Children's Hospital" and send it to:  K-Step 4 Kids, PO Box 224, Amlin, OH 43002.  You'll receive your tax receipt by return mail from the Nationwide Children's Hospital Foundation.

Results From Previous Events

  • November 2015: Thanks to Patti Nivens and Steve Carroll, we raised $765 in New Jersey and Delaware.
  • March, 2016:  A great evening with Dee Blansett's Country Kickers!  We raised $495 in Chardon, Ohio.
  • April, 2016:  89 dancers plus their sponsors and donors contributed over $10,000 during our Columbus, Ohio K-Step 4 Kids event.  We gave away nearly $2000 in donated prizes.  What a blast!​
  • October, 2016:  We raised $1,360 during Eddie Huffman's 7th Annual Born 2 Dance in Pigeon Forge, TN.
  • May, 2017: In partnership with Columbus (Ohio) Recreation and Parks, we raised $1,395 through raffles at the John Robinson Line Dance Workshop.

What You Can Do

  • PLAN AN EVENT:  Create a K-Step 4 Kids event, or add a K-Step 4 Kids element to an existing event.  We'll be happy to help.  We'll help you educate attendees regarding our campaign.  Perhaps even attend and tell the story in person!
  • TURN ONE OR MORE DANCE CLASSES INTO A FUNDRAISER:  Are you an instructor?  Lets demonstrate the power of the world-wide dance community.  Ask your dancers to bring small cash donations, or checks made out to "Nationwide Children's Hospital."  Pool cash donations into a single check.

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