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​Line Dance 4 Life

November 2017 Update - $23,157

A huge "thank you" to our newest Champion, Rob Holley in the Great State Of Delaware!  He just raffled off a Team Holley plaque, and "purchased" another with his own donation, for a total of $415!  Team Holley has pushed us over the $23,000 mark!

Looking forward to 2018, when Indiana, Tennessee, Indianapolis and Chicago will all host K-Step 4 Kids events.

Fundraising Plaques

We've already raised thousands of dollars by raffling off wood plaques (made by an elf in our basement).  And now rumor has it that instructor-choreographer Christa Thomas will soon conduct a month-long raffle of a "dancing feet, happy heart" plaque in the Chicago area.  We'll keep announcing new partnerships as they develop. $25,000 milestone, here we come ...

Upcoming Events

How To Donate

  • ONLINE:  If you are ready to donate to our on-going campaign, here is the web link:  DONATE ONLINE.  If your donation is linked to a specific event or instructor, please mention it in the COMMENT block.  
  • BY MAIL:  Make your check out to "Nationwide Children's Hospital" and send it to:  K-Step 4 Kids, PO Box 224, Amlin, OH 43002.  You'll receive your tax receipt by return mail from the Nationwide Children's Hospital Foundation.

Results From Previous Events

  • November 2015: Thanks to Patti Nivens and Steve Carroll, we raised $765 in New Jersey and Delaware.
  • March, 2016:  A great evening with Dee Blansett's Country Kickers!  We raised $495 in Chardon, Ohio.
  • April, 2016:  89 dancers plus their sponsors and donors contributed over $10,000 during our Columbus (Ohio) K-Step 4 Kids event.  We gave away nearly $2000 in donated prizes.  What a blast!​
  • October, 2016:  We raised $1,360 during Eddie Huffman's 7th Annual Born 2 Dance in Pigeon Forge, TN.
  • May, 2017: In partnership with Columbus (Ohio) Recreation and Parks, we raised $1,395 through raffles at the John Robinson Line Dance Workshop.
  • October, 2017: Raised nearly $1,600 during Eddie Huffman's 8th Annual Born 2 Dance Workshop in Pigeon Forge, TN.  This included raffles of several plaques and a unique Line Dance Quilt donated by Master Quilter Terry Stull of Columbus, OH.
  • October 2017:  Collected over $1000 in donations during the 3rd Annual Motor City Dance Classic in Detroit.  A very appreciative "thank you" to our hosts, Derek Steele and Jason Miller, for joining the campaign!

What You Can Do

  • PLAN AN EVENT:  Create a K-Step 4 Kids event, or add a K-Step 4 Kids element to an existing event.  We'll be happy to help.  We'll help you educate attendees regarding our campaign.  Perhaps even attend and tell the story in person!
  • TURN ONE OR MORE DANCE CLASSES INTO A FUNDRAISER:  Are you an instructor?  Lets demonstrate the power of the world-wide dance community.  Ask your dancers to bring small cash donations, or checks made out to "Nationwide Children's Hospital."  Pool cash donations into a single check.