What's Happening?

  • We now offer "hybrid" line dance classes delivered - simultaneously - in person and via Zoom teleconferencing services.  Our total attendance since we began Zoom services in March 2020 now exceeds an eye-popping 22,000!  (Didn't see THAT coming.)  We do not charge a fee to dance via Zoom with us.  Every couple of months we open up briefly for donations.  How much?  Anything at all - or nothing at all!  Completely up to you.

  • Hybrid Tuesday 1-3 PM Beginner/Improver:  If you are joining us in person on Tuesday, simply show up at the Gillie Recreation Center at 12:45pm.  No set fee.  A donation box is available.  Contact the Gillie Center at 614-645-3106 for more information, or email your questions to us at linedance4life@gmail.com.  To dance with us via Zoom, send us an email at linedance4life@gmail.com

  • Hybrid Friday 1-3 PM Beginner/Improver:  Dancing at St. Patrick's Episcopal Church is now run in multi-week sessions, with prior registration and pre-payment.  Please write to us at linedance4life@gmail.com to enroll.  Want to join us via Zoom?  Drop us an email and we'll hook you up!

  • Hybrid Monday 6:30-8:00 PM Eastern Time, Advanced Modern Line Dancing:  This Intermediate/Advanced class will be run in multi-week sessions in person at the Worthington Community Center, plus you can join us via Zoom.  Want to dance in person?  Email us for registration instructions.

    Joining us on Monday via Zoom?  Email us to get hooked up that way, too!  Either way, contact us at linedance4life@gmail.com.

  • Need help connecting to our virtual classes?  Step by step instructions will be part of every class "Invitation."  Here are some resources to get you started:

  • - Tutorials on connecting to Zoom sessions:  Everything you ever wanted to know about a Zoom virtual meeting, but were afraid to ask!
    Connect to a Zoom Practice Room:  This allows you to check to see if you are set up properly to participate in a Zoom virtual meeting.
    Seek help from a Zoom professional: Once you get there, click the little blue HELP bubble in the lower right corner!
    Make sure you have the most current version of the Zoom "client" software.

  • Approaching a K-Step 4 Kids donation milestone! 
    Check the
    K-Step 4 Kids page for the news ...

  • Is line dancing good exercise? Here's an article on the subject.

  • Here is ourSummer 2018 "Gotta Move" Flash Mob video

The Big News!

Our Latest Dance

  • New Dance!  Our latest dance - "My Bestie Baby" - is now available on Copperknob.  A great "split floor" partner to Colin and Jose's "My Bestie." Of course, you can always visit our CHOREOGRAPHY page to see all our dances.

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