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​Line Dance 4 Life

What's Happening?

  • Weeks without dancing are approaching:  Almost time for the annual maintenance shut-downs at both Dublin and Gillie.  Watch the Calendar and your weekly emails.  Open Dancing Tuesday will not be affected.

  • First night of open dancing!  We had 24 on the floor for our first evening of open dancing at the Kaltenbach Park Community Center.  26 dances in two hours.  Some sore feet!  Next dance evening will be August 29th.

  • K-Step 4 Kids:  Look below for a recent magazine article about our K-Step 4 Kids campaign.  Total now stands at $18,018.50, climbing every week.  Find out more at K-Step 4 Kids.  Lots of fundraisers coming up (Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, Detroit) so that total should change significantly over the next couple of months.

  • Basic Line Dance Steps: New dancers frequently ask us for a list of basic line dance steps.  This document has some basic steps, and this websiteshows how most of them are done.